A piece of history

Oubu is the product of an astounding legacy dating back to 1723 when three coffee seedlings where sent to the French colony of Martinique, an island south-west of Jamaica.

Five years later in 1728, Sir Nicholas Lawes, governor of Jamaica, received one of the plants as a gift from the Governor of Martinique and the tradition of quality Arabica coffee from Jamaica was born.
It appeared that the natural conditions in the Jamaican mountains where quite exceptional, and cultivation of the precious beans expanded rapidly from then on.

Today the coffee industry in Jamaica is characterised by a multitude of small farmers whose livelihood is dependent on their annual coffee crop.

Protected trademark

The quality of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is indisputable and is fiercely protected by the Jamaican Coffee Industry Board, a government entity that controls all export of coffee from the island.
The quality control that the Jamaican government has put in place is unrivaled by other coffee producing countries. It is outstanding and wide-ranging. The coffee industry board even arranges for the shipping of the coffee to guarantee that the coffee that was submitted for quality testing is what is actually shipped.

You’ll see the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee trademark on all Oubu coffee – your guarantee that this is a 100% authentic Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee product.

Coffee grades and quality

The Coffee Industry Board carries out extensive quality checks once they receive the processed coffee beans from the different farmers. By then it would have already been hand sorted at the processing facility, but the Coffee Industry Board checks all barrels for quality and consistency.

The Coffee Industry Board has graded Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee based on bean size, appearance and defects. The coffee, although split into different grades, is however, all from the the same plants, and as so is all of a very high level of quality regardless of grade.

Grades range from 1 to 3 and also singles out Peaberry, which is an even more flavourful mutation of the beans and is sold separately.