Oubu Jamaica Blue Mountain Green Beans

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee has long been acknowledged as one of the most exclusive types of coffee beans. Importing Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee requires a license from the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica, which is a government board fiercely protecting the quality of the origin.

Oubu Coffee is a licensed importer of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, and have over the years partnered with small farming communities that produces some of the best coffee.

There are some very special qualities that makes Oubu Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee so great – it has to do with altitude, processing and the growing conditions.


Coffee Insight

Growing excellent coffee is a traditional occupation that requires years of practice and experience. Marketing high-end coffee is however, an ever changing competency and you could get left behind if you don’t provide the level of insight your customers require.

What makes Oubu’s green beans even more special is how the quality of the coffee is paired with quality of information and the use of digital traceability.

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Quality Control

The Coffee Industry Board (CIB)  is the governing entity guaranteeing the authenticity and superior quality of Oubu Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.

To ensure that you can prove provenance and origin of the coffee you purchase from us, the CIB issue documentation that will accompany the barrels or sacks that you buy. This include Certificate of Origin, Weight Certificate, Phytosanitary Certificate and other certificates relevant to your country’s requirements.

As an additional reminder that Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is just that much better than other origins, you’ll see the larger screen sizes (grade 1 and 2) exported in the iconic coffee barrels, which comes in either 15, 30 or 70kg.

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