What makes Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee so special?


We get that question all the time. When you visit the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee farmers it is obvious why this coffee is so good. The steep mountain slopes, the scarily narrow, winding roads and the beautiful views just oozes character, sophistication and tropical aromas. That’s what all comes out in the cup.

Although Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee has had an excellent reputation for years, very little has been done to emphasise that during what I would call ‘the specialty coffee revolution’.

In other origins growers, exporters, traders and roasters alike have brought a lot of consumer-driven changes in the market, and have been very good at marketing their origin, farmers and value proposition. That is not necessarily the case for Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.

Consumers today are knowledgeable, and they have a deep-rooted interest in the coffee that they consume – especially when it comes to specialty coffee. Focus on microlots, artisan roasting and coffee shops with a unique angle is today a given, when we talk about specialty coffee. That development has not quite impacted how Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is exported and marketed.

Perhaps it is due to the continuous high demand, but even customers in markets that are familiar with Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee are asking for a reason to market this unique origin as exactly that, unique.

At Oubu Coffee we’re constantly pushing to do better. With one foot in Jamaica and another in Europe we see opportunities for development and sharing that has motivated us to work on a platform that his not seen anywhere else. And we’re finally ready.

Oubu Coffee Insight

The Coffee Insight platform we have launched relies on solid partnerships with the farmers and processing facilities where Oubu Coffee is being prepared. Through a specially developed system, all aspects of the coffees journey from it is received at the processing facility is recorded. Right up to the point where it is tested and approved for export by the CIB.

With detailed information on where the coffee was reaped, when it was pulped, rested, tested etc., our customers can for the first time select even small batches of coffee based on their profile, altitude, location, quantity etc. We can even take requests as to how the coffee is processed and packed, to ensure that each batch is exactly as you would like it. That’s a first for Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee…. come to think of it, it seems like that’s not available from any other origin…..

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