Oubu Coffee – scaling up through investment


Specialty coffee company lands investment coup and pushes digital transformation

The specialty coffee brand, Oubu Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, is flexing its muscles as it enters 2017.

The niche market coffee importer has secured support and investment from Per Harkjaer, former CEO of United Coffee Europe, who has stepped in as Chairman and shareholder of the company.

Expanding the team with a specialty coffee expert like Per Harkjaer is instrumental in driving the business forward.

The Copenhagen Business School graduate brings a wealth of industry knowledge and experience which will help elevate the brand to the next level. The investment is a real coup for Oubu, which was founded in 2012 by Courtney Bramwell.

Drink Moments Ltd remain the company’s importing entity while Oubu Coffee will be the trading vehicle for the organisation.

Unique insight for the coffee industry

Scaling up with Per Harkjaer on board also means that Oubu is taking a digital leap forward in an otherwise traditional and low-tech industry. In January Oubu Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee will launch a unique online ‘coffee insight platform’. This is a unique marketing tool giving their specialty coffee customers unrivalled access to information on even small batches of coffee. Information that can be communicated straight to the end users, and thereby giving Oubu’s customers a clear competitive advantage. With comprehensive data available on the coffee Oubu ensures their coffee’s traceability and quality.

The platform is only made possible by a unique corporation between Oubu Coffee and their partnering processing facilities in Jamaica, and it gives the processors an effective management tool, while generating marketing data for coffee traders and roasters. Access to the platform is only available through registration here on the website.